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“For beautiful eyes look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone” -Audrey Hepburn


December Haul and favorites


1.Exfoliating Face Brush (Sephora)

Great for exfoliation and using with Cream cleansers. Also sensitive skin friendly.

2.Eye Serum, Minerals from the Dead Sea (TJ Maxx)

This one’s more of a gel like consistency, absorbs quickly.

2. Sibu Seabuckthorn Moisturizer (TJ Maxx)

Have not tried this one yet…..but heard good things about it.  Will review it and update you next month.

3. Cuticle Nippers,Earth Therapeutics (TJ Maxx)

My old nippers were dull and nippers can be quite expensive.  These were only $4.99 Worked wonderfully and made the job easier.

4. Perfume Armani Mania (Macy’s)

I’ve been using this perfume all month.  Has a light and warm musk scent with hints of vanilla and spice.  It reminds me of the smell of a little china doll…..

5. Rose Shower Gel:La Florentina Italy (TJ Maxx)

In December I’ve been liking more shower gels than soaps.  I find that the skin can be a bit more sensitive during the winter months so I’ve been enjoying the lovely scent of Roses.  Plus this is made in Italy……ahhhh……

6. Mary Kay (Primer and Luminous Foundation)

My friend was selling Mary Kay and I decided to try out a couple of their products.  I’ve used the foundation a few times…..gives a very luminous dewy finish….holds up throughout the day.  I need to use it a bit more to see how it does through out the month.  I have been using the primer every day and have liked the formula of this primer.  It isn’t sloppy when foundation goes on, which is great.  It tends to balance out the natural oils throughout the day.  It does have a slight smell to the product but goes away throughout the day.  I would purchase again.

7. Perfume DKNY-Pure (Ulta)

This perfume is very lovely.  I tend to spritz this one on, when I will be in close quarters with guests, because it isn’t over powering.  It is infused with African Vanilla, which has a soft and warm scent.  I’ve received many compliments with this one.

8. Purse Brahmin Croc Two Tone (Ebay)

I bought this bag four years and would only wear it on special occasions.  This year I told myself I would wear it throughout December to gain more use out of it.  I have enjoyed it, and must say it’s one of my favorite purses this month.  It’s also a classic style that definitely has not faded.  Add a strap and wear it as a cross body bag.

9. High Waisted panties (Urban Outfitters)

I love these modern twist on a vintage style high-waist panties.  I am into comfort when it comes to under garments, and I have found that not many places sell High waist panties.  The Gap has select high waist panties, American Apparel does a version, and you can find Etsy sellers that make the handmade ones.  When I saw these, I was a bit nervous with the fit, so I sized up. I’m usually a small, but I sized up to a medium.  The fit was perfect, and they are super comfy.  During the holidays they are on sale for 4 for $19.

10. Vitamin C Cream, Minerals from the Dead Sea (TJ Maxx)

I am really impressed with this Day Cream.  It is super hydrating to the skin during the winter months.  It is a thick consistency but not pore clogging at all.  The skin absorbs it quickly, and it even helps make up apply more evenly.  It smells a little like oranges, how nice!

11. Candle:Pecksniff’s England in Jasmine&Frankincense (TJ Maxx)

I love the scent of this candle.  During the Holidays stores put out the extra sweet-smelling Candles that make you want to eat a dozen cupcakes.  They will also put all the tropical fruity smelling candles on sale.  I don’t like either choices during the cozy winters.  I prefer more musky, dark, amber, Frankincense, and earthy scents during the Winters…….love the smell of this one.

12. Hand made Almond & Shea Butter Lip balm by Aileen Solve

I love, love, love….this hand made lip balm made by a friend.  It has a wonderful almond smell to it, while the shea quickly absorbs into the lips.  This lip balm is unlike many store-bought lip balms, which stay on the top surface of the skin and feel all waxy.  I love this one, plus all natural ingredients.  Leave a comment below if you’d like to get your hands on this product.

13. Nail Polish, Sally Hansen:Black Tie, Black out (Walgreens)

Really loving these two nail polish this month.

Black Tie: is a very reptilian cyber iridescent blackish green color.  It definitely has a murky color but has a shimmer to it which is quite beautiful.  I’ve been in a dark minimal style and look lately, so if you’re looking for something dark that isn’t black, black tie is a great choice.

Black Out: Black Out is just as black as it gets…..I keep going back to this color…….I just love this color worn with a lot of silver and cool tone jewelry. Simple and Classic!

Tell me what you’ve been loving this month in the comments below..>>>

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