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January Stussy Look Book 


“The city made a warrior of me” 


stussy lookbook3

“People always ask me where I’m from…..but it’s not as important as where I am, and where I’m going” 


stussy lookbook“Like wild flowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would” E.V. “


stussy lookbook2

I know these photos look really laid back, but the weather has been pretty cold here in Chicago and you can see the snow throughout this shoot.  These photos were taken on a slightly warmer day, and I wanted to show some of the city’s grit with a Sporty look and added comfort.
I’m just loving the menswear inspired look and this time I’m loving the sporty look of the Brand Stussy.
Finding ways to stay warm running from meetings to concerts and cocktails this Stussy beanie keeps me warm.  I opted to go with this long sleeve Japanese Stussy mens Jersey T-shirt and yes that means you too can purchase this shirt and hat too gentlemen!  I just love the Japanese characters on the sleeves and on the back side of the shirt.  The long sleeves definitely keep me warm.
Since the look is very sporty and masculine, I wanted to pair it up with a very feminine comfortable yet shapely fitted pencil skirt and with comfy 3 inch wedged Timberland booties.  I kept the jewelry on the cooler toned side, like silver and stainless steel to keep it monochrome.  I love this look, and I hope you do too.  Thank you Olga for photographing this look in the cold, but what can we say we are adventure seekers……

Beanie hat: Mens Stussy Knit hat (Urban Outfitters)

Tortoise Frames: Discovery

Pencil Skirt: Jonathan Saunders for Target

Shirt: Mens Japanese Stussy Jersey T (Urban Outfitters)

Watch:Berenger Stainless Steel US made.

Earrings: Silver Crescent shaped hoops (Pink Frog)

Rings: Silver (Kopi Cafe)

Lipstick: Loreal Infalliable Resilient Raisin

Boots: Timberland booties


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