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“This photo was taken about 6 years ago in L.A….I never thought I’d be traveling this much and pursuing my deeper purpose & calling in life as an Eco blogger 💕🌱 (I have a feeling I’ll be returning soon enough ✌️)”

My first L.A. trip was my first trip traveling alone.  I was really nervous at first, the excitement, the thrill,  and adventure left me wanting more.  6 years ago I was following my dream of becoming a successful artist, but as I grew as a person and gained so much more experience so did my skills and interest.  No longer was I wanting just the aesthetic beauty and illusion I had ideally dreamed about.

I was looking for something much deeper, something that moved me, called to me, invoked passion in me.  I also had a desire to give back in a bigger way.   I didn’t want to be Superman, I wanted to save the world one day at a time in being conscious about the environment.

After my travels to Mexico in July of 2016 and my recent travels to Puerto Rico in April of 2017 it invoked in me something deeper.  I was inspired by the environment, the people, and their way of life.   I felt at home in Puerto Rico.  Coming back to Chicago since my Puerto Rico trip, has changed me so much.   After a couple of months of being back I started to put the pieces of all my experiences, skills, interests together and have been working with natural brands and networking with eco, natural, sustainable, local shops/local music scenes.  I’ve slowly started making the transition to re-branding CityGirLifeStyle.wordpress.com into an Eco Friendly Blog.  Expect to see some feel good products, working with conscious brands, Eco lifestyle tips, fashion, and moving into a more sustainable life…..the journey has been amazing already……join me for the journey🌱

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