Abstract Artist on the go Urban Street Wear Chic

I’ve been collecting vintage pieces since as far back as I can remember. My mother would always take us to the thrift stores all over the city. I really remember collecting some really good finds during my high school days.It was my mother’s pair of leather boots that she was going to get rid of, that made me think to resell them back into the circuit. Since, I always bought vintage fashion, I wanted others to enjoy what I had enjoyed all these years. It was the perfect way to sell real leather goods at a great price; after my first sale things picked up quite a bit.I look for very specific things like sturdy classic leather purses in solid colors, Abstract vintage Clothing, Glam shoes, and very unique intricate statement jewelry pieces. I like to look for pieces that I would wear as an artist in the city which are abstract, grunge, Street style, and romantic.The items we sell here are very versatile and unique at City Girl.
We carry real leather items at just a fraction of the cost of new items that are non-leather at other retailers. When scouting out items, I look for real leather, comfort, and artistic personality in the items. Your style says a lot about who you are, so I use my creative eye to select pieces to add to your wardrobe.
City Girl-a shop for the on the go city gal, creative, traveler and conscious shopper.
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